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Learning to drive in an electric car

Give your driving classes a charge!

We are proud to be part of the E-roule pilot project and to offer all our in-car training sessions in fully electric vehicles. A total of 30 Quebec schools were chosen to help promote the transition to electric vehicles in the driving school industry.

The advantages of learning to drive using an electric vehicle

Same price as a regular course

For the same price, you will get the chance to take all of your in-car sessions in an electric vehicle. An amazing opportunity!

Reduce your environmental footprint

You’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and learn how to drive eco-responsibly. An excellent way to help the planet!

High-tech vehicles

The futuristic dashboard display, silent engine, instant and steady acceleration, ultra-fast charging stations and other special features are super impressive.

BE A LEADER and get onboard!

Driving Lessons Montreal

What is expected of you to make a difference

Have fun

Yes, you read that right! We want you to have fun as you learn to drive. We want you to be proud of choosing the electric option and becoming a leader to others.

Share your experience

To bring about real change, you’ll need to talk about the project, its advantages and what you like about electric vehicles. Share what you know with everyone: your family, your friends… That’s what will count!

Answer a few questions

Your opinion will help attract interest in the project, so you will be asked to answer three short surveys in two years. While not mandatory, you could win big!

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Driving Lessons Montreal

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